On the Island

From the Star Island Bakery: Scary Good Pumpkin Bread

Star Island Pumpkin Muffin Recipe small

You know what doesn’t scare us at Star Island? Feeding approximately 400 people a day, three meals a day — on an island, no less. What does scare us? That you’ve been without your Star Island baked goods for at least a month now because our season is over. Eeek!

Don’t worry friends, we’ve got your backs. Scanned straight from the archives is this recipe for Pumpkin Bread (or muffins). This recipe dates back to the early 2000’s when the baking crew consisted of Mandy, Erin, and Jerusha.

Do be warned, there’s a bit of a fright factor with this recipe (36 eggs!) as it feeds a whole heck of a lot more people than you’d be having over for a halloween party.

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