We’re Free of Zombies

Zombie Free Star Island
In the event of a zombie attack, please remember Star Island as one of New England’s treasured gems for rest, relaxation and spiritual renewal. Located just 6 miles off New Hampshire’s coast, Star Island is the perfect location to spend your days and watch the sunrises and sunsets knowing that you’re safe from the undead. With history dating back thousands of years, Star Island will prove to be your community oasis. We’re best reached by boat or any floating apparatus that’s handy. As you prepare for the zombie apocolypse, choose Star Island for your retreat.


Star Island is already known for its rustic yet adequate accommodations, so if you make it to Star you’ll be living in as much luxury as anyone else really. Our comfortable beds are found throughout the island in various settings: the Oceanic Hotel, Gosport House, and cottages dotting the long boardwalk. Clean linens are available right off the laundry room and come in many varities that will delight anyone escaping the walking dead.


Throughout the past few years Star Island has done a lot of work creating a more sustainable island with food in mind. New gardens have been planted and will be ready for you to either help harvest or maintain throughout your stay. Since Star Island is surrounded by the ocean, rowboats will be made available to any sane person who wishes to fish, trap lobster, or otherwise forage for seafood. The island also holds a number of cookbooks that can guide people in preparing meals with island resources. And anything that remains from our snackbar at the end of the season is fair game.


We won’t be scheduling any ferry runs to and from Star Island because, well, that’s just a bit unwise (wouldn’t you agree?). You’ll have to find your own method of getting to Star. So whether that’s a sailboat, a rowboat, or a raft just make sure you’re ready for an ocean voyage of several miles.


Don’t worry about Star Island’s resources. We already make our own drinking water, and we have a pretty extensive rain water collection system. We’re also continuing to work on installing solar panels. Let’s just say, we’re not officially preparing for a zombie apocolypse, but we’ve got it covered when it happens.


Since world markets will be collapsing, we’ll be relying on the barter system for payment. So bring what you think can be traded. Things we’ll most likely be looking for: chocolate, avocados, and batteries.


Star Island is well known for its summer programs that bring people together to form a dynamic community based on the principles of the Unitarian Universalism and the United Church of Christ. We’ll continue to offer those programs with varied themes and workshops as our population permits. Evening chapel services will occur as scheduled.

Happy Halloween!