Shoaler Voices

Favorite Place: East Rock

By Tristan Binns, Star Island Yoga Retreat


My favorite spot on Star Island is East Rock. There, I am riding the waves out to the horizon all around me. I am greeting the sun rising this morning and every single morning I ever waited in the dark on the rock for the sun to rise. I am limitless, one single moment in time with all the other moments fanned out around me as if caught in time-lapse photographs. Behind me is the safety of the known: buildings, people, love and security. In front of me my heart leaps to run in all directions at once, but I know this rock well so I wait. As the breath settles, when the granite starts to feel soft to sit on, then I know I am safe here, with all possibilities always here, all horizons always open. Fog, rain, sun, passing of time, passing of life; none of it matters. I am fifteen, I am thirty-seven, I am forty-four. In this place I know my timeless inner core of light.

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