Shoaler Voices

Back Again and Again for the Community

YES Profileby Aaron Hamburger, Life on a Star

I first came to Star Island in 1969. I have returned for 45 years primarily because after the second year, my wife and three daughters demanded it. I come again and again for the people, emotional and intellectual stimulation and the beautiful surroundings.

Perhaps my peak experience at Star was when my wife and I were given the opportunity to chair a conference (LOAS 1979). We spent a year deciding on a theme, workshops and evening events, recruiting personnel, planning all the programs and then running a successful conference. It was a memorable year.

A characteristic of the Star Island community is that almost every everyone enthusiastically says “yes” when asked to volunteer for an assignment.

My favorite place on Star Island is East Rock. While the waves are pounding the rocks below, I look over the ocean and almost see England.

Sometimes I think of Star Island as my home and my mainland home as just a place to live until I can return to Star.

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