Conference Updates

Summer Programs Filling Up

Several of Star Island’s summer programs have already reached their registration capacity and are operating with wait lists. If the program you were hoping to attend is already full, here are some suggestions for other engaging opportunities this summer:

If you were thinking about:

All Star 1


All Star 2

All Star 2 Family Conference Icon

During All Star II, young and old will awake to the sounds of ocean and gulls, marvel at the diversity of flora and fellow Shoalers, and close each day with an inspirational candlelight service in Star’s historic stone chapel. Hours in between are filled with sports, art, music, rowing, theatre, dancing, reading, friendship, and a thought-provoking lecture series, or simply relaxing in a porch rocker at the Oceanic Hotel, communing with one’s self, one’s family, and old and new friends. Morning and afternoon children’s programs led by our wonderful and expert staff offer creative fun for the kids. Gather with us in 2014 for laughter, friendship and spiritual renewal.

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If you were thinking about:

Institute on Religion in an Age of Science


International Affairs

International Affairs Icon

Rudyard Kipling wrote about the Great Game in the 19th Century: the strategic rivalry between Great Britain and Russia in Central Asia. Today that Great Game continues with the United States, China, India and others maneuvering in Pakistan, which now has the atomic bomb and is a locus of international terrorists groups.

IA 2014 will explore Pakistan’s historic and current strategic role on the international stage and will provide a well-rounded perspective on how and why its people and government do what they do.

Surrounding this theme are a great many activities designed to make a wonderful vacation experience for families of all ages and sizes. These include our traditional workshops in art, music and yoga, various one time workshops, softball games, lectures and book discussions of particular interest to conference participants.

Children ages 18 months to 18 years participate in a robust and engaging youth program.

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If you were thinking about:

Star Gathering 2


Star Gathering 1

Star Gathering 1 Icon

Baptism, holy communion, ashes on Ash Wednesday, blessings, laying on of hands, anointing at healing services, foot-washing, lighting the Advent wreath—these are a few of the traditional rituals of the Christian church. They are special “spiritual” things we do in church on designated days. But do these practices have a life outside the sanctuary? Are they connected to the realities of our ordinary lives? Do they mean anything to us once we move from Sunday to Monday?

This week’s program will explore a few of these rituals (some of which we call ‘sacraments’), looking for ways they are present, active, and ethically demanding in the everyday. And we’ll ask how, in return, our ordinary experiences might enrich and deepen the rituals we practice in church.

In worship, we will explore stories of scripture and stories of life, and be introduced to people who reveal to us the very heart of God. We will practice “seeing people,” and in doing so, encounter God in our midst.

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