On the Island

Early Spring Work

A trip to Star Island yesterday afforded the chance to see the progress made by Star Island staff and contractors on major projects and the annual activities performed to open up the island.

The early morning boat ride was made worthwhile by calm seas, good conversation, plus coffee and bagels. The calm seas and conversation are typical, but the coffee and bagels were a great surprise.

Open Up 7-7
The east siding of the Oceanic Hotel has been removed in less than a week. The Oceanic, with its bare structure showing, makes one marvel at its initial construction in 1875.

Open Up 9-9
The contractors remain busy, and bundled up. While the temperature is rising on the mainland, the crisp Atlantic winds keep Star Island seemingly a season behind.

Open Up 3-3
Inside the Dining Hall, contractors started removing the sound proofing panels. This is the first step in a process to repaint the Dining Hall and install a new sound proofing system. And it’s always good to have an inside project for the contractors on a rainy day.

Open Up 10-10
Another team of contractors is plumbing in the new pump to power the island’s sprinkler system. Later, this team will be working on installing recessed sprinkler heads in the Chapel.

Open Up 8-8
All of this is great work, but you’re probably wondering about drinking water and flushing the toilets. Don’t fret, that work is underway. While the Open Up crew relies on drinking water imported in large jugs from the mainland, your summer stay is hydrated by re-installing the reverse osmosis machines.

Open Up 11-11
And when you flush the toilet on island, this giant machine just put back together yesterday, will — ahem — help the process along.

Open Up 4-4
Which reminds us, you’re probably thinking about ordering your first lime rickey soon; unfortunately, the snack bar isn’t open until June.

Open Up 2-2

Until next time, Star Island.

Open Up 1-1

Interested in Open Up?

Spring time on Star Island is quite the unique perspective. If you want to journey out for a volunteer weekend to experience this sometimes chilly, always exciting time, CLICK HERE for more information and the volunteer application.