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On the Island

On Volunteering: Good Work, Good People

Below is a note from one of our volunteers last year Greetings Linda and Tim, I hope this message will get to each of you so that you can have my thanks and my praise. I was part of the team of volunteer “worker bees” at Star Island last weekend. Every part of the experience… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Volunteering: A Wonderful, Rewarding Experience

by Scott Stewart, Volunteer and All Star 1 Conferee There are the obvious reasons to come out and volunteer at Star Island: giving back to a place we love so much, helping save the island money and a wonderful time of communing with nature to name a few. But there are also the less obvious… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Volunteer, Visit Star in the Spring

by Linda Leehman, Volunteer Coordinator Imagine Star Island without volunteers. Having trouble doing that? So am I. I can’t imagine how we could do all that island living requires without volunteers. If you volunteered for an open up work weekend at Star Island last year, you know how hard you worked to help get Star… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Chairs + Registrars Meeting Set for Saturday, February 7

Star Island will host its annual meeting for Chairs + Registrars starting at 10 AM on Saturday, February 7 in our Portsmouth office. All chairs and registars are encouraged to attend the mid-day meeting. Please click here for the C+R Meeting AgendaThe meeting is led by Star Island staff including Conference Center Director, Justina Maji,… Read more >

Green Gosport Initiative

Star Island’s Sustainable Summer

Summer 2014 has seen many developments towards a more sustainable Star Island. From simple changes to major overhauls, this has been a year of greening. From the start of the summer, Star Island has been operating with a number of habits already in place. For example, we rely on rain collection for a portion of… Read more >

Green Gosport Initiative

Attention Green Thumbs

Star Island is looking for volunteers for our end-of-season in the gardens! Located an hour’s boat ride from the mainland, Star Island has several gardens that could use your help as we harvest and maintain the gardens before the close of September. Volunteer tasks include routine maintenance, planting and crop rotation, irrigation lay-out and repair,… Read more >

On the Island

Early Spring Work

A trip to Star Island yesterday afforded the chance to see the progress made by Star Island staff and contractors on major projects and the annual activities performed to open up the island. The early morning boat ride was made worthwhile by calm seas, good conversation, plus coffee and bagels. The calm seas and conversation… Read more >

On the Island

Star Island Upgrades Start Again This Spring

by Kyle M. Belmont, Program & Outreach Coordinator New siding, new paint, new cement. Starting this spring, Star Island begins many major upgrades to maintain our historical structures while enhancing the guest experience with safety in mind. The most noticeable upgrade takes place in the Dining Hall. Old soundproofing panels will be dismantled, leading to… Read more >

On the Island

Summer Volunteers Clock In

Between April and October of 2013, Star Island benefited from over 10,000 hours of volunteer work. Working on projects as varied as painting walls, mending furniture, and serving dinner, volunteers are an integral part to Star Island’s community atmosphere. Volunteer help on Star Island occurs in so many ways. Here are some examples from this… Read more >


‘CHAIR’itable Giving

by Rev. David Scheuneman, Residential Life Advisor & Island Chaplain As a conferee since my childhood in the 1970’s, with twenty stints as minister-of-the-week and eight seasons as a conference chair, I thought I mostly knew how Star Island runs. Working here for the past two summers, however, I have been amazed at how much… Read more >