Star Island Corporation

Volunteering: A Wonderful, Rewarding Experience

by Scott Stewart, Volunteer and All Star 1 Conferee

There are the obvious reasons to come out and volunteer at Star Island: giving back to a place we love so much, helping save the island money and a wonderful time of communing with nature to name a few. But there are also the less obvious ones.


If your child is a Pelican for the summer, this is a wonderful time to get to know some of his or her friends. At Christmas time it becomes so much more rewarding to hear about their friend Chloe acting in a production of Hair in New York when Chloe is also somewhat a friend of yours, for example. The Open Up crew always contains amazing people, and getting to know them even a little is a wonderful experience.

Working alongside your child, and even better working for your child, is a great experience for both of you. Having them be your boss creates a great, short term dynamic that strengthens your relationship.

When I volunteer, I often end up on the dish crew. Because this is so different than my nine to five job, it is wonderful for my mind and my body. It refreshes me and it is fun, it brings me back to my younger days and I challenge myself to try to keep up with my co-workers.

And finally, the power to go through the door from the dining room to the kitchen is powerful and magical. You become part of the Pelican team, if only for a couple of days.

Volunteering on Star Island is a wonderful, rewarding experience.

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