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For Your Shoalmate, And Other Notes

Star Island’s ability to create lasting relationships is generally talked about in the sense of friendship, but we’re not immune to Cupid’s arrow either. From guests growing smitten with each other while attending summer workshops to staff flirting while folding laundry, Star Island provides a certain set of circumstances for falling in love, or, at least, deeply in like.

It could be that Star Island provides a place for people with similar interests to learn and connect, or it could be that on a foggy day it seems that the rest of humanity doesn’t exist. Whatever the reason, a heartbeat on Star Island seems a bit more powerful than that on the mainland.

Yet here we are in mid-winter with guests set to arrive on island in June. Registration for a summer program is quick and easy online, but that’s not going to automatically transport you to the island. So how can one share the sentiments of love with a basis in Star Island nomenclature? We’ve got you covered with these Valentine’s Day images that you can easily copy or save and send along to that person you’ve been pining for ever since you caught each other’s eyes on the front porch during morning coffee.

Searching For Your Shoalmate


Send this note to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with while watching sunsets from the Summer House.

An A in My Book


Cottage A is representing in this sassy pick up line. Send this note to someone you want to walk the boardwalk with.

B Mine?


Can’t let Cottage A have all the glory, here’s a Cottage B message to share with a person your heart pounds for.

Let Your Love Shine


Did you know we have a solar array that will power up to 60% of our energy needs this summer? Well, now it’s time to share this with the person who powers 100% of your heart.

Starry Eyed


Share this with the person whom you love, but don’t tell them that you love Star Island more. It’s a fact they’ll have to live with.

BONUS: Appledore Love!


That breathtaking beauty across the harbor? Is it you? Yes, it is. And oh, how we adore — ahem, appledore you.

If these cheeky messages get you inspired to plan a date night, why don’t you click here to reigster for a summer program first? You’ll love it just as much as we love you.

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