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On Volunteering: Good Work, Good People

VolunteerSeanDElliotBelow is a note from one of our volunteers last year

Greetings Linda and Tim,

I hope this message will get to each of you so that you can have my thanks and my praise. I was part of the team of volunteer “worker bees” at Star Island last weekend. Every part of the experience was positive. It was well organized, from the first call for volunteers, to your prompt responses once I came on board, to clear statement of work expectations, to the work parties, themselves, and all the way to our Sunday departure.

My only earlier part in volunteer experience occurred 10 years ago when Joe Watts was Volunteer Coordinator. That was a positive encounter, too, and I now wonder why it took me so long to volunteer again.

During the weekend I was part of various teams or sub-groups. For the most part, I believe Hannah was our captain. It would be a mistake for me to neglect to comment on her leadership, organization skills and her unflappability. Aside from getting the necessary work done, I am really pleased to note that a volunteer weekend provides a structure and experience for a young person (Hannah and others) to develop leadership skills. Somewhere in Star Island’s structure there are some smart, thoughtful people at work.

I fully expected to share a room once on island and was prepared to do so. I don’t know how it happened, but Plan B was that I lucked into a single room. Thank you; that was a welcome courtesy that I appreciated.

The weekend was good, hard (not too hard) work and I left Star with a feeling of accomplishment. It was a job well done in the company of persons who have great affection for the island, its programs and its traditions.

Thank you, Ed Rubacha

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