Star Island Receives Grant from Historic New England

Star Island is the recent recipient of a $1,000 Community Preservation Grant from Historic New England. Click here to learn more about this grant program from Historic New England.


Star Island will use this grant money to digitize old films in the Vaughn Cottage collection that depict old Shoalers like Unlce Oscar. The films, which were on display in their cases in Vaughn throughout the summer, will be made available for viewing on the Star Island website and within Vaughn after the digital conversion.

Star Island is grateful for the continued support of Historic New England. The organization, which manages historic properties throughout New England, also partners with non-profits like Star Island to promote access to history. Over the past three summers, groups from Historic New England have visited Star Island for special tours of the island and its buildings.

Click here for more information about Vaughn Cottage, Star Island’s museum.