Generosity from all Ages Supports a Thriving Star Island

Walking to Dock

The spirit of generosity is abundant and obvious on Star Island. You see it everywhere in improvements to accessibility, sustainability, livability and more. And nowhere is it clearer than when a child donates her week’s snack bar allowance because she wants to earn a jewel for her name badge that shows she cares about Star Island.

Or when Senior Teens conduct a service project because this is what they can give to support capital projects. Or in an eight-year-old child’s face as she stands at the dining room microphone, having been appointed Chief Polar Bear and wearing the coveted polar bear hat, and announces the daily polar plunge tallies. Shoalers dig deep to serve, to volunteer, to give.

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There are only a few weeks left in 2014 to express our gratitude for the many gifts Star gives to us – the gift of time with life-long friends and family in a most remarkable community and breath-taking setting; the gift of laughter; the gift of loving community in which to share life’s markers both joyous and painful; the gift of reflection in morning and evening chapel; the gift of music and music making; the gift of a safe environment in which children learn, grow, and become confidently independent; the gift of talents and wisdom freely shared; the gift of sunrises and sunsets witnessed from a rocker on the Oceanic’s front porch.

All of this is only and entirely made possible through your support. Great gratitude for you commitment and your generosity. Click here to give.