Star Island Corporation

Seeking Photographs for 2015 Publications

Hey, we saw you taking pictures of Star Island this summer — now it’s time to share them with us!

Look through your images from Star Island 2014 and send us your best ones so that we might include them in our 2015 Program Catalog, seasonal newsletters, and on our website.

What type of pictures are we looking for?

  • People having fun on Star Island: row boat rides, softball games, social hours, tennis matches, trivia games, eating in the dining hall, ordering a lime rickey.
  • People enjoying program activities: listening to a theme talk, leading a workshop, making s’mores, working on a craft project.
  • Traditional Star Island scences: People lining up for candlelit chapels, the grand march.
  • Basically we are looking for pictures of people having fun on Star Island in many different ways.
  • We’re not averse to a good sunset picture, too.

How can you share your photos with Star Island?

  • Email a link of your online photo album (like Google’s Picassa) to (please don’t share Facebook photo albums as the quality of the picture is not great for print)
  • Mail a CD with your photos to the Star Island office – 30 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
  • Please do not email individual pictures or our email server will bounce them.

Please note that print quality pictures are 300 dpi.

The deadline to be included in our 2015 Program Catalog is Friday, October 31, 2014