Star Island Corporation

2015 Program Catalog


The 2015 Program Catalog will be reaching your mailbox by the middle of February and it is packed with program descriptions that are sure to get you thinking about how many vacation weeks you can spend on Star Island this summer.

This year’s catalog is specifically designed for people new to Star Island. How? We took a look at our programs, and grouped them together by themes. We believe this way of organizing provides an easier way to navigate through similar programs to choose the one that fits you best. For example, if you are seeking a program rich in multi-generational activities, you’ll want to know which one’s those are. The 2015 Program Catalog provides just that knowledge.

And for people who have been coming to Star Island for years, and know the exact program they want to attend, you can easily order lasix pills find it through the table of contents in the front of the catalog, or the chronological list of programs on the last page.

Click here to view the 2015 Program Catalog

Another aspect of the 2015 Program Catalog is the number of photographers we’ve included. Totalling 21, here are their names:

  • Kyle Belmont
  • Lori Benson
  • Kim Bernard
  • Tristan Binns
  • Katy Biron
  • Martha Burnham
  • Ashley Collins
  • Sean D. Elliot
  • Bob Giles
  • Brian Gruhn
  • Bob Levine
  • Jared Lipton
  • Peggy Martin
  • Eric Masterson
  • Martha McGovern
  • Jessy O’Keefe
  • Dave Scheuneman
  • Dale Slongwhite
  • Susan Stibler
  • Carrie Tyler
  • Brenda Watts

And while the catalogs are on their way to your mailbox, you can still register online. Registering with a paper form is also possible. Click here to download the registration form to mail in.

We’ll see you on Star Island this summer!