On Island: A Lot to be Happy About

Greetings, fellow Shoalers! As I write my first report to you as President of the Board, I feel such a sense of gratitude. I am writing from the island, where the Life on A Star conferences have had two glorious weeks. LOAS has broken its attendance records, and is full of joy, music and fellowship, including the return of many Shoalers who haven’t come in several years. Everyone is so happy to be here, and happy about the new showers, great food, new porch, the staff, the Green Gosport Initiative, and so much more. I hear this positive spirit has been true all season. More people are inquiring about joining the McGill Society, for example, to provide for Star in their estate plans, and about becoming Corporation members. We must continue to build our future leaders by encouraging the next generation to get involved as island citizens, not just conferees. I am grateful to be working with Joe Watts and his wonderful management team, and that Star Island is in such good condition at this point, financially, physically and spiritually.

Deciding What To Do Together

The future is also bright and full of exciting plans and hopes. Because of all that good feeling, people are giving more financial and volunteer support, which will enable us to make even more improvements to our beloved but aged facilities, as well as to keep our rates as affordable as possible. The plans for alternative energy sources are going forward quickly, and we will be moving away from burning diesel fuel, which is one of our strategic goals. We will also be making lots of energy efficiency improvements, reducing our overall energy needs and dependencies. Our relationships with various regulatory bodies remains positive and cooperative. The staff is already planning the conference schedule for next year, with some exciting new developments.

The Star Island Regatta, now on for September 28, has grown in participation since we revived it, and promises to be great fun – come back for it! I also hope to see many of you at Starry Night on November 16 in our Portsmouth office, or at a Star event in your home, town or church – we need to keep spreading the good word about Star, until all our conferences, and beds, are full. Most of all, I am grateful to you, dear friends, for your questioning and thoughtful, but always unflagging, support of our beloved spirits’ home. Thank You!

In Star Spirit,

Sharon Kennedy, President