Shoaler Voices

Hooked by a Sense of Total Freedom

by Kristin Laverty, International Affairs Family Conference

DavidMurray-StarIslandNight-WEBI’ll start from the beginning. My father attended some of the first family conferences in the 50’s with his parents, and that is how my family began our connection to Star Island. (Not to brag, but my grandmother is quoted in Fred McGill’s “Something Like A Star” …I kid you not!) My first Star experience was in the late 70’s when I was 10 years old and attended my first International Affairs conference. I knew right away that this tiny island was a special place. From the White Island Light horn to lime rickeys to a sense of total freedom, I was hooked. Since then Star is a place my family and I return to again and again, and it is a place that makes one want to give back as much as one gets.

I’m a third-generation Shoaler. And I’ve given birth to a fourth-generation Shoaler. My father facilitated the donation of “The Bakery Truck” (may it rest in peace.) My brother was a Pel for seven seasons, starting as butter-cutter and ending as head Maintaineer. My grandparents have a stone in the Memorial Garden. Star Island Griffin in 2012My mom has volunteered in the laundry. I am a devout contributor to the Annual Fund. Star Island is in our bones and in our blood. Star Island has given us memories and experiences and friends that could not have been made anywhere else.

My Star experience culminated with five seasons as the Island Registrar from 2006-2010. From June to September, I did my very best to make sure that everyone who laid their heads on a Star Island pillow was housed in the most appropriate and comfortable room possible. Most of this time I was able to share with my son Griffin, thanks to good-natured and talented caregivers like Star’s own Kyle Belmont! Griffin grew up as a Star Island “feral child,” knowing all the ins and outs of the place, all along accompanied with his partners-in-crime Lily and Joey Watts.

Nothing can replace or surpass these experiences for myself or my family. Nothing can replace Star.

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