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Salt Water Pool Once Planned for Island

On July 2, 1969, a letter was sent to Shoalers seeking their opinion regarding a proposed addition to the Star Island grounds. That addition being a salt water pool. This pool, let’s be clear, never came to be, but it did provide ample opportunity for people in the Star Island community to think about such… Read more >

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2015 Program Catalog

The 2015 Program Catalog will be reaching your mailbox by the middle of February and it is packed with program descriptions that are sure to get you thinking about how many vacation weeks you can spend on Star Island this summer. This year’s catalog is specifically designed for people new to Star Island. How? We… Read more >

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Follow the Blizzard

We don’t mean to feed into the hype that a storm brings, but thought you might be interested in seeing how tomorrow’s blizzard affects conditions out at the Isles of Shoals, and Star Island. This type of weather makes us ponder how people who lived out on the Shoals year round, like Celia Thaxter, could… Read more >

Conference Updates

Your Summer Starts By Registering

Summer might seem far away now, but once you register for a program on Star Island it will be that much closer. Registering for a program, or conference as they are often called, is easy. Well, easy once you pick which program to attend. With a number of options having themes including religion, education, history,… Read more >


The First Blue Book

Every year we publish a catalog providing a description of the upcoming summer programs on Star Island. With the 2015 program catalog currently at the printers, getting ready for a mid-February arrival in your mailbox, we decided to take a look back in our archives at earlier program catalogs, once called the “Blue Book” for… Read more >


Some Old Notes

We recently came across a pile of work request notes that guests filled out in 2008 and, for a reason we’re not too sure of, were kept in an envelope in our office. Granted, not as exciting as the recent opening of the time capsule left by Samuel Adams in 1795, these almost seven-year-old notes… Read more >

Star Island Corporation

Online Registration Now Open

Online registration is now open for our summer conferences. Click here for a list of every offering on Star Island this coming summer. Read through the descriptions, find your preferred program and register. We might also suggest picking more than one, but no pressure. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Star Island this summer,… Read more >


Bright Future Begins with Solar Array

by Kyle M. Belmont, Program & Outreach Coordinator At 47 acres, Star Island’s relatively small size is providing ample space to create a model for sustainable communities. Our most visible endeavor in this effort – a solar array – started operating on November 19, 2014. The project is designed to deliver up to 60% of… Read more >


Forty Years of Star Island Newsletters

Before the recent holiday break we sent our latest winter newsletter to the printer. This newsletter will be arriving in your mailboxes before the end of the month. As we prepared the masthead of this latest newsletter, which involves figuring out roman numerals once a year, we discovered that we’ve hit a milestone — 40… Read more >